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2021-2022 ROCSAUT Team

Where the Passion Begins.


Maggie Lin


I’m in my 3rd year at UTM, studying Management & Economics. 哇係正港ㄟ桃園狼,高中才到BC讀書,從此開起了加拿大生活... 喜歡交朋友,挑戰不可能的任務,更喜歡把正能量帶給身邊的人,跟志同道合的人一起成長進步!Welcome to UTM and ROCSAUT Family~
Email: (IG: mag_lin0315 /LINE: maggielin2000315)




I am third year student in Chemistry and Business, Science & Entrepreneurship. Also having Statistics minor. I am passionate about exploring new things and making friends. I am super willing and open-minded to listen what you have met. 
Email: (IG: hsuanyun_ / LINE: 0978271716)


Yumi Lin

Vice President External (Public Relations)

I am a third year student in CCIT and Linguistics. I love traveling and enjoy moving from place to place. I moved to California in middle school and decided to go to Toronto to continue my education. I am pretty easy-going so don’t hesitate if you want to reach me out. 
Email: (IG: yumiharita /LINE: yumi900123)

截圖 2021-06-21 下午11_edited_edited.jpg

Amy Wang

Vice President Internal (Project Director)

I am a third-year marketing specialist student. It is my third year participating in this club. I enjoy traveling and doing all kinds of outdoor activities. Feel free to reach me with any questions. Hope to see you guys at our events.
Email: (IG: /LINE: 0939178099)


Ashley Wu


I’m in my third year of CCIT and AAH, and I joined ROCSAUT since freshman year. Feel free to contact me if you need any help, and hope to see you at our upcoming events!
Email: (IG: _ashleywu_ / LINE: a20010701)


Jenny Lin​


I am a third-year accounting specialist student. I joined ROCSAUT in 2019.  Feel free to ask me any questions.
Email: (IG: jennylin2828
/ LINE: jennylin6022728)


Laya Wu

Arts Head

Hello👋🏻 This is Laya, I am a third-year CCIT and Art & Art History student. I joined ROCSAUT in 2019 and worked in the Art team since then. I love everything in fashion and beauty, so if you have the same taste or questions don't hesitate to reach out.
Email: (IG: layawu / Line: layawu0701)


Lawrence Chen

Photographer Head

Hi, I am a 4th year student, majoring in biology and minor in psychology. 
Email: (IG: lawchenphotography /LINE: 0905643185)


Where the Passion Spreads.


Ryan Chu


Since 2018


Mandy Chin

PR Staff

Since 2021


Maggie Wang

PD Staff

Since 2021


Brandon Lin

Treasurer Staff

Since 2021

ryan lai_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Ryan Lai

PD Staff

Since 2021


Previous Teams

We appreciate everything you've done.

2020-2021 Team

Presidents: Ryan Chu, Sherry Lo
Secretary: Iris Chiang
Treasure: Jenny Lin
VP Internal: Maggie Lin
VP External: Alvina Wang
Arts Head: Laya Wu
Photographer Head: Lawrence Chen 
Staff: Amy Wang, Betty Lin, Ashley Wu, Jasmine Chang, Yumi Lin, Peggy Lee, Ann Wu, Christine Liao

2019-2020 Team

President: Ocean Chang
VP Treasure: John Huang
VP Internal: Andrew Huang
VP External: Monica Wu
Secretary: Candice Chen
Arts Head: Claire
Photographer Head: Lawrence Chen
Staff: Micheal Ho, Jacky Ho, Amy Wang, Betty Lin, Ashley Wu, Jasmine Chang, Yumi Lin, Peggy Lee, Ann Wu, Christine Liao, Andrew Weng, Wendy Chuang, Sapphire Kao, Kevin Yang, Iris Chiang, Alvina Wang, Jenny Lin, Maggie Lin, Laya Wu, Sherry Lo, Ryan Chu

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