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UTM Residence & Meal Plans, Off-Campus Rental


UTM Residence

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Applying for residence:


Residence Handbook

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UTM Residence Application Guide 2023-2024

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Mandarin version

First Year Housing Styles


Oscar Peterson Hall

Single Bedroom in Traditional-Style

Roy Ivor Hall

Single Bedroom in Suite-Style

Roy Ivor.png
EH Double.jpeg

Erindale Hall

Super Single Bedroom in Suite-Style

MaGrath Valley

Super Single Bedroom in Premium Townhouse-Style

MaGrath Valley.png

MaGrath Valley

Single Bedroom in Premium Townhouse-Style

Need more help?


Phone: 905.828.5286

Meal Plans

  • Your student meal plan allows you to add value to your TCard, and every time you make a purchase using your Student Meal Plan, your purchase comes off of your balance. 

  • Deciding what student meal plan value that is right for you depends on your personal eating habits, your appetite, and the amount of time you will be spending on campus. 

Image by Jimmy Dean

Basic & Flex dollars in student meal plan 

  • Each Student Meal Plan includes two accounts: "Basic" funds and "Flex" fund

  • The terms “Basic” and “Flex” refer to the account your funds are coming from for the food you are purchasing:

    • “Basic” funds are the tax-exempt portion of your Student Meal Plan.  Any purchase of a meal on campus (with the exception of meals from the Blind Duck, Chatime, Duck Stop, food trucks, and most vending machines) qualifies as a Basic purchase

    • “Flex” funds can be used to purchase all items that don't qualify as a Basic-eligible meal

      • You can use your Flex funds for:

        • Snack items

        • Beverages

        • Convenience items

        • Confectionary

        • Grocery items

        • Vending machines with card readers

        • The Blind Duck (in the Student Centre)

        • Chatime (in the Student Centre)

        • The Duck Stop (in the Student Centre)

        • Participating food trucks on campus

        • Our off campus partners

  • When you use “Basic” funds, you SAVE 13% on each purchase because they are tax exempt

  • Basic or Flex funds cannot be used to make purchases at the UTM Bookstore

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