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2021 Fall  - 2022 Winter 授課說明
"A large number of courses will be offered remotely, with select opportunities for dual-delivery and in-person only courses. The delivery mode of their course will be completed as they were originally scheduled (that is, the course delivery mode will not change half way through). The only exception is for in-person courses, which may need to be switched to remote delivery after they have begun for health and safety reasons."

UTM Degree & Program Requirement

  1. 至少20學分 (一門課0.5學分; 年課1.0學分)

  2. 1.0 學分 in Science (SCI), Social Science (SSc), and Humanities (HUM)

  3. 100 level的課不能超過6.0個學分

  4. 300/400 level至少6.0個學分

  5. 總GPA (Cumulative GPA) 至少1.85 才可畢業

Program Combination 三選一

  1. Specialist (12-16.5)

  2. 2 majors (7-8/each, total 14-16) 

  3. 1 major + 2 minors (~14)


Program 必修課

用UTM Academic Calendar 查詢Program 必修課程


 申請Program (大一快結束前申請)

Step 1: 登入Acorn 

Step 2: 點選“Enrol & Manage” 中的“Programs” 

Step 3: Add a Program

Step 4: 點選 “Request to Enrol”

Course Delivery Options

截圖 2021-06-29 上午10.57_edited.jpg


實體書 or 電子書

UTM Bookstore

FB group: "UTM Textbook Exchange" (2nd-hand books)

Academic: Text
Academic: Text

2. 開學後成績不理想怎麼辦?

1) CR/ NCR (滿足學術需求且不讓GPA受影響的方式) 

  • 2.0 學分可用

  • 期末總成績 >50% => CR; <50% =>NCR

  • 不能是必修課

2) Second Attempt for Credit (SAC) 

  • 1.0學分

  • 第一次選課會變成:“extra”

  • 第二次選課會被計算在學科要求裡且計算GPA

  • 限UTM學生,但不限哪年級,哪個level的課及在哪個校區上課

3) Late Withdrawal: 過了drop課的deadline 但想drop 

  • Max. 3.0 credits

  • 會出現在成績單 (LWD)上但不影響CGPA

3. 必備 Links


選課, 交學費...


課程大綱, 交作業, 考試...

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